Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 Super Powers of Praying Mothers

I have been a person of prayer but they certainly intensified when I became a mother. Becoming a parent taught me that I don't have (and have never had) any control of situations affecting my children but God does. As a mother I quickly learned to go to God in prayer and interceed on behalf of my children. As Mother's Day approaches I am reminded of the supernatural power of a praying mother. As a mother you have the power to:
1 • go to God in prayer on behalf of your children;
2 • declare God's blessings over your children;
3 • pray for the future of your children;
4 • cast the cares and anxieties you have about your kids on the Lord;
All of these things result in an abundant, peace filled life. I Peter 5:7 says "casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." God cares about what you care about, so fill your prayer life with petitions, praises and blessings on behalf of your children.
My mother prayed for me at 6 months of age and I was healed from pneumonia. I was in the hospital, ready for surgery and my mother had a vision of an angel standing on the side of my bed. God answered my mother's prayers. The doctor confirmed the healing saying that there was nothing wrong with me. God answers the prayers of mothers. I want to encourage you to pray for your children believing that a loving God loves you and cares for you and your family.
QUESTION: What is the one thing you can take to God in prayer today on behalf of your children?

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