Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Best Social Media Practices for Teachers

There will be all kinds of new stories to share with the world about your work as an educator. You may be already asking yourself "to Hashtag or not to Hashtag? That is the question..." Today I want to share 3 best practices that will enhance your social media experience this school year. 

Provide Enrichment - Your readers or viewers should be better after reading/watching your posts. For example, today I had a video conference with a friend who's been an early childhood educator for 12 years. She added value to me by sharing her rich experience as a teacher. I immediately put several of her ideas in practice. Your posts should reflect the experience you have and enhance the effectiveness of other people in your profession. 

Think Longevity - whatever you put in digital form will live forever. Nothing really goes away on the internet, so think about the longevity of your posts. Whether you tweet, share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest, it will be out there forever. If you are providing enrichment every time, you will be fine. If you are venting and may repent later, refrain from publishing it.  

Resume Builder - you heard it right: it is possible to build your resume through strategic social media use. Your blog can be the way to get published in an Education magazine you respect. Your Periscope talks can lead you to a workshop gig. Your Pinterest boards can lead to partnership with companies you've grown to love and respect. It is wise to use your social media channels with a goal in mind so think goals before you post.

What are your favorite Best Social Media Practices educators?

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