Hello Darling: iPad 2

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Write a wish list." I tried and had issues dreaming about the things I wanted and needed. So my business coach put it this way: "if money was not an issue, what would you buy in order to improve your business?" That's all the perspective I needed. My husband blessed me with an iPad 2 and I've been truly enjoying it. I asked my friends what their favorite Apps are and I've been experimenting with it. 


It's no secret we're Mac people (except for our phones) and we use these machines for heavy (tech) work. What I am really interested in doing is to find out what OS X Lion will do for my machines. 
By the way, I still speak PC very fluently. Most of my clients are PC people and I enjoy teaching them how to use technology to their advantage. I'm wondering if YOU speak PC or Mac.
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jaime said...

I'm definitely a PC girl. My brother is turning into a Mac guy and it's so difficult to watch. ;)

LifenotesEncouragement said...

i'm a hybrid 50/50.
I love the capabilities of the Mac world though.