Happy 2nd Birthday Belle

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet girl likes to hold things.
These have been fun filled years. You, my Texas baby, was born as a blessing from above. I remember how much we wanted you so when you finally came to this side of life, we were at awe. You have quite the strong personality little one. I knew you'd be strong willed when I was feeling those kicks from the inside but now I have a better idea of how. You're CFO material, you were born with a resilient, strong spirit. I thank God for the gift you are. You have an amazing sense of humor. You are always trying to get a laugh and you do! You bring laughter and lightness to our lives.
We always take a family picture during birthdays. Belle is 2!!!
You like to pray and I thank God for the many times I found you in your room praying for your family. How sweet of you to talk to God at an early age like this. May your fellowship with Him get sweeter and sweeter.
You have the most fun when you're with your family. We're so blessed to be loved by you and to have you as our youngest jewel.
You love to sing and you sing loud girl! I love your little voice and how you start singing at any moment you feel like. I'm also thankful that you communicate with us very well. Well enough to tell us when one of your siblings is doing something they shouldn't!
My dear child, with long life God will satisfy you and show you His salvation. You will have life and life more abundant in Christ. Today we celebrate you my sweet Belle. Parabéns filha querida! Sua família te ama sem limites.

Happy 1st Birthday
Amanda said...

Que lindo Girl! Eu nao tenho entrado no facebook, e este momento de copa aqui está bem confuso! Ai vim aqui ler o meu reader e encontrei essa linda declaracao. Bem, antes tarde do que nunca quero parabenizar a Zel, Deus continue abencoando-a abundantemente. A tia Amanda a ama desde que ela nasceu. Grande beijo!