Jamberry Nails 7 day Challenge

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My friend Lauren sent me a sample of Jamberry Nails to try so I took the 7 day challenge. 
I accepted the challenge!
If you follow my social media feeds you know I love getting my nails done. Jamberry Nails make the process fun and quite easy! Check out the before and after: 
I get my nails done the same way every time: I get the cuticles out and then I add color. I added the Jamberry Nail sample first and then used my favorite color ever: red. Another thing you probably know about me is that I get my nails done so that I can look great changing diapers, washing dishes and cleaning floors. My life is quite glamorous like that! Nails need to last through the most regular chores of life and Jamberry Nails totally passed the test!
I have seen people use Jamberry in all their nails and I think it looks really good! Adding Jamberry Nails to your finger nails is really easy. The advantage is no drying time! You can look fabulous without wondering if your nails will mess up as soon as you get back to your daily tasks. 
Go to Lauren's page for designs, prices and more information. I hope you buy your Jamberry Nails from Lauren friends. I enjoyed my Jamberry Nails experience very much! 
Disclaimer * Lauren sent me a sample of Jamberry Nails in exchange for this review. The honest opinions are my own.
Mama Lutz said...

So glad you enjoyed your experience, Cintia! I would add that if anyone else wants a free sample, I'll be happy to mail you one. You can email me your address at laurenwlutz [at] gmail.com Some of my customers have also been concerned that the wraps won't fit their nails, but every sheet comes with a wide range of sizes.