MWLISS: a loss is a loss

Friday, September 6, 2019

I looked down at the scale. The number went down a little. My immediate thought was, "a loss is a loss."
We had a busy week (well, they're all busy) and we threw some travel there just for good measure.

The loss didn't happen by accident:
I worked on staying within my points - If I track everything I eat, I easily stay within the points WW gives me for the day. It takes some thought but the results are worth the effort.
I also made some choices that would lead to the change I wanted to see - A few months ago, I identify one of my barriers to losing weight. My barrier is called "snacking after dinner." I would hit the pantry and eat until it was time to sleep. Last week, I worked on overcoming this barrier and it worked. Every time I stop eating after dinner, I win.

If I make the choices that lead to the change I want to see, I win.

I can apply this to other areas of life, such as rest. If I go to bed early (choice) I will get more rest (change I want to see). If I follow my marathon training plan (choice) I will finish my race (change I want to see).

This week is not over yet, but I keep thinking about these small changes I am making. I know they will lead me to the change I want to see.

WW start weight: 175 lbs
Current: 156 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs
Second Goal: 146 lbs
Third Goal: 136 lbs

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Friend said...

Good job, Cintia! Yes, life is a series of choices. One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given.