What I learned Spring 2024

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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When faced with toxic, negative comments and complaints, I can control my response. The person wants a reaction, but I believe that a response is something I can control. The best way to provide a Biblical response is to be sure that my attitude aligns with what I read in the Bible. 

Toxic and negative complaints are part of what I do. Over the years, I learned to set up and maintain great boundaries. I turn off comments and notifications. I go outside and enjoy nature. I even passed the torch to another coworker, who would read each complaint and only notify me of something significant. I can control these and other steps, which allow me to keep my joy and peace. 

The excellence of my job was the first answer that came to my mind. I can't control variables. I can't control what other people think of me, how they react, and how mean they are to me. What I can control is how I rely on excellence as I work. I decided that I do my work unto the Lord because I serve Him. Excellence is costly yet worth the price of the peace it brings. 

I can control my response and heart attitude toward people who manage insecurities in public. I often tell myself, "Cintia, you don't deal with public insecurity, and you do not have to have the same attitude as this dear person." Then, I stand in my confidence. Standing in my confidence has saved me from drowning in the insecurity of others. I do not believe that embracing someone else's insecurity is the same as loving them. Oftentimes, people do not want to let go of their insecurity. I can't convince them otherwise. I can pray and I can stand in my confidence.

I’m learning that rejection is a reminder that God has a greater opportunity for me. Meanwhile, I will serve with excellence and with an undisturbed heart.

This Spring I learned that time on my knees keep me standing strong. Prayer has been a necessity for a wise life. Joy and gratitude abound when I choose to live this way. God is for me and I am for Him when I get on my knees and pray. 

Love serves. Love is costly. The act of serving others should inconvenience me. I keep my eyes on Jesus who showed me how to wash the feet of others. Service is not for earthly rewards. Service is a demonstration of agape love which comes from God. 

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