Summer Health Challenge Week 6

Monday, July 1, 2024


Summer of 2022
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I can't believe these are the last 4 weeks of this challenge! I learned a lot since week 1 and I made significant progress toward my goal of consistency. 

I decided to look back to where I was one year ago so I can better see where I am. 

• June was a busy month. We had a lot of major activities and I was glad to support my family and our guests. 

• We are nearing summer travel time. We are all looking forward to that after a busy month. 

• This summer I developed a greater awareness of my feelings because of the journaling aspect of the Ranting Weight Watcher's Redemption Group. Last year I was journaling once a week. My feelings got the best of me, especially in July. This summer I am proficient at not using feelings as an excuse to eat needless food. 

• This summer I got better at turning down desserts. Last year I was eating a lot more processed desserts. I ate (and baked) desserts this year but the difference is, I planned for the desserts I enjoyed. 

• Reflection works. Journaling once a day really helps me to face the facts and make a decision on how to proceed. 

• I am very happy with the results I got this month. No wonder it is working: I am doing what I said I was going to do which is:

10-week Challenge:

• Weigh/track/measure foods
• Stop eating after dinner
• Complete 50 workouts *
• Sleep at least 7 hours a night *
• Drink at least 40 oz water + electrolytes *

* Adapt these to your level of fitness, current needs 
Start: 5/20 
End: 7/29