Aim for something good

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. Zig Ziglar is the originator of this quote. I believe it with all my heart. I often feel I aim too high. Take my athletic endeavors for example. Most people discouraged me from running marathons. I decided distance running was for me and I invested in it for years. 

I invested in running with time, training, group running commitments and prayers. How I prayed for God's grace, for health, and for those running alongside me. God answered my prayers. I have 7 marathon medals as answers to some of those prayers. 

3 months ago we moved to Georgia. Moving is one of the number one stressors in the first world. It is "good stress" but it is still stress. 

I decided not to let my health goals go down the drain because of the move. I enjoyed my last months and weeks in Texas. I got in line in the cold and I bought a plate of award-winning Texas barbecue. I enjoyed  CrossFit workouts and running with friends. I thought about the good. I had dinner with neighbors and enjoyed their food and friendship. 

I planned for the trip to Georgia. I made healthy choices for food on the go and we had plenty of healthy snacks available. When we arrived, we were showered with the generosity of so many new friends and neighbors. 

We were delighted with the meals we received. Goodness, Georgia cooks are something else! As soon as the pressure of those first few weeks died down, we started to cook our own familiar foods. 

I told myself I'd make my rounds and visit as many boxes as possible before deciding on where I'd make myself at home. Well, there are so many boxes in this area. I made my rounds. I paid attention to the culture. I decided BGB was the box for me. Then, Zeke joined to make matters better. We have never been in better shape. Our coaches are dedicated to seeing us succeed. Our fellow CrossFit athletes are so welcoming and encouraging. 

I decided not to take a break from healthy habits just because I was moving. It paid off big time. How so? 

I decided to aim for something. 

I will confess, during the past 3 months I should have been easier on myself at times. Still, I'm glad I had an aim.

Let me make this more practical by showing you how exactly I set my aim.

1 • I planned my food and exercise for the week • each week was different. Some were more challenging than others. We had to jump through a couple of hurdles a lot of times. Still, knowing what I was eating and how much exercising I was doing was very important. 

2 • I analyzed each week by writing down 3 things that made me successful and 3 things that needed improvement • I would write these things in my journal every Saturday. If I don't stop to analyze the week, I won't be effective in the progress I planned. Once I have this complete view of my week, I plan my menu for the week and I plan how many days I will workout. 

Simple. Plan and analyze. Rinse and repeat. 

My plan 3 months ago was to lose weight. I was so close to reaching my WW goal. Life happened. I gained a little bit and I lost a little bit. Stress happened. I gained a little bit again. I encouraged myself by attending my WW virtual meetings. I spoke with my CrossFit coaches. I relied on my husband's encouragement too. 

The past 2 weeks have been stressful. I decided not to weigh myself compulsively. I knew that approach of being scale-focused backfires. Instead, I relied on giving myself to CrossFit. We were at the end of a 12-week cycle. I followed the coach's advice. I put in the work. I got stronger. I needed to give myself a chance to see how far all the training and nutrition was going to take me. 

I went from a 195-pound deadlift to a 210-pound deadlift. My back squat and shoulder press numbers were crazy to me. I was so happy and thankful to God for the improvement. 

I asked myself, "where do I go from here?" The natural answer was: back to your original health goal. You will see a normal BMI number. Just keep rinsing and repeating. 

This morning, after a joyful CrossFit workout, I decided to see where I was as far as the scale. During my most stressful times these past 3 months, my weight went all the way up pass what I'm comfortable with. Today, I'm 8 lbs lighter than that highest weight. 

I am 6 lbs away from reaching my WW goal weight. 

While there is some work to be done, I can rejoice in the fact that I did not give up. I faced stress, rejection, and other problems with the courage God granted me. I felt my feelings, I didn't feed them. I decided to melt them during CrossFit in the form of sweat.

It all started with the decision to aim for something. I'm proof that Zig Ziglar was right. If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. So let's aim for something specific.
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Healthy lifestyle similarities

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Today I speak about how my experiences with moving are similar to adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

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3 months of Georgia

Monday, June 27, 2022

Today we have been celebrating 3 months of living in Georgia.

The kids said it feels like we have been here longer. I agree. I like today's date because a wise friend told me that you feel a "switch" at month 3 after you move. 

Month 3 arrived softly this time. Peace has been the main feeling of being here at home. I am grateful.

Today was a regular Monday for us. I went to CrossFit. I didn't feel like going but all the preparation around me made it easier to show up and put in the work. I went back a second time in the afternoon to get some sports performance help. I'm grateful that we found a great CrossFit community. It's been better than I could have imagined. 

The kids had swim team practice this morning. We love having this as part of our summer routine. 

The church has been an incredible blessing. Everyone we met has been loving, honest and generous. We are deeply grateful to God. Serving Jesus is a joy.

Gratitude is the landmark I want to remember this month 3. I have so much to thank God for. No, life is not perfect. Still, my good days outweigh my bad days and I will not complain. 

Discovering Georgia has been fun. Just yesterday we sporadically found a nice spot for a family hangout. I know there are so many more places to see.

Adapting to a new hometown takes time. It is always a blessing when a house feels like home, a city feels like a community and a church feels like family.

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Sunday Seven

Sunday, June 26, 2022







7 • 

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Navigating Bad Weeks

Friday, June 24, 2022

Bad weeks happen to good people. We don’t get to be defined by a bad week. Listen to this episode with helpful tips on how to navigate difficult weeks.

7 Lessons on navigating bad weeks 

 1 • Rejection comes to visit but it doesn’t have to stay. We don’t have to set a table and have coffee or tea with rejection. We can simply greet it and close the door again. Rejection is an unwelcome visitor. You can recognize the visit yet, we can also send the rejection back out. Rejection is not permanent. It does not have to stay. Self-compassion gets to stay. Encouragement needs to stay.

2 • Bad weeks happen to good people. We don’t get to be defined by a bad week. Our definition is deeper than the outside circumstances that came our way. It is helpful to ask: how does God see me? You will find encouragement as you answer this important question.

3 • If we don’t learn to navigate stress, stress will navigate us. Storms of life pass. We can’t control them but we get to control ourselves. How we choose to control ourselves is up to us. We are unique individuals. It is wise to find out what is uniquely effective and healthy during times of storm. Be wise in how you choose to nurture your mind and body during stressful times.

4 • Measuring my words has become increasingly important. I see more than I choose to say. I speak less because in an abundance of words a lack of wisdom is shown. Some words are meant to be said. These are often words of encouragement and prayers. Some words are not meant to be said. The wise person knows the difference between these two.

5 • Practicing gratitude instead of complaining is possible. It takes recognition followed by repentance, followed by reading (the Bible), followed by remembering to go through this process again. I’ve been writing about this process for the past year. God can truly transform us from complainers to grateful people.

6 • Preparation beats desperation. Taking the time to unglue our eyes and ears from needless stimuli gives us the freedom to prepare. 

7 • God is doing a new thing.

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