Saturday, June 6, 2020


1. It is no surprise to the readers of this blog that racism is wrong. The current climate in the U.S. and the world is also not surprising. I'm eager to see what people will do with the knowledge they are acquiring. 

2. I'm having all of my conversations about race in person. There's a lower margin for error. People can really hear my heart. I can also hear theirs and together, we are growing. 

3. Running has been amazing. I always say it is for sanity and not for vanity.

4. I've been super busy with work, yet, making time to renew, recharge, and really regain perspective. Adopting a routine of rest is just wise for me. 

5. Once again, I am learning that "No" is a complete sentence.

6. I have been doing a lot of reflection. I believe that as I reflect on what was, I can inform what will be.

7. Investing in my health during this season was a great idea. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Ten Life Lessons

Some of the most profound truths in life are simple. Enjoy these 10 life lessons. 

Priorities and Standards

Balancing work and life? Forget it. Let's talk about priorities and standards. Enjoy this episode my friend!

Before and After School Pictures

This episode analyzes the curious habit of taking first and last day pictures of kids while asking the question: did you grow? Enjoy!

Parenting with Blemishes and All

I don't hide my blemishes. This episode is about less than perfect parenting. Enjoy! 

How to Find new Friends

Sometimes, you just need to find new people. Today's podcast will help you with that. 
Listen and share!


Friday, May 15, 2020

How to Navigate Uncharted Waters

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When you see the good in others

When you see the good in others, verbalize it.
I learned this truth from my family. 
We were not perfect by any means but 
we learned to see the good and say it. 

Those truths were planted in my heart. 
Those words are still producing fruit. 

It is easy to see what's wrong with others. 
I'm challenging myself to only speak the good I see.

It's not faking it. It is calling God's best forward. 

I understand this can be awkward. 
You know what's worse than that?

The uneasy feeling a lot of people have inside. 

That feeling of wondering if they matter at all.
You have the answer, so speak it out. 

Speak it loud: 

Verbalize it, 

Write it, 

Sing it,

Say it.  

When you see the good in others, communicate it.

You never know the life you're impacting. 

Hearts are thirsty for good words.

Let's give them the good words they need.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Mothers who Raised Me

The mother who birthed me is the mother who took care of me. 

My mother holding me as an infant
My father holding my sister

The mother who birthed me wasn't an island. 
She counted on the help of other mothers.
They were grand in the best and most excellent sense of the word. 
These mothers also raised me. 

My maternal grandmother.

My paternal grandmother holding my cousin.
I'm to her left, my sister to the right.

These grandmothers raised me with strength in the midst of hardship. 
They gave me the best of them and in them. 
They had many grandchildren yet they made us each feel so special and wanted.
They instilled in us great faith, boldness, and devotion to God. 
They passed on a great sense of purpose of serving God and others. 
They walked their talk and we gladly followed their steps.
These mothers prayed out loud. They blessed with the future in mind.
They knew who their God was and they trusted Him with all of us kids. 

The mothers who raised me had no time for competing with others. 
Life was challenging as it was.
Most of their energy went to loving God and loving us. 
I'm incredibly grateful for the choices they made.

The mothers who raised me were fierce, fearless, and well respected in the community.
Every time I walked into neighborhoods with my grandmothers
The atmosphere of heaven walked in at the same time. 
There was peace, joy, honor, and a great expectation that God was near. 

I haven't seen that a lot since. I hope to be that kind of person.
When I walk somewhere, because of the presence of God, 
an entire atmosphere shifts.  

June of 2012 when I was blessed to become
a mother of three world changers.

The mothers who raised me are virtuous beyond measure. 
Even in their imperfection, Christ shines bright.
That's the mother I hope to be. 
Beauty truly is vain because it fades.
A Godly character makes an eternal impact. 
May I always fear the Lord as the mothers who raised me did. 

Happy Mothers Day friends.