Thursday, November 21, 2019


My father dreamed of America.
At the time, he was told it wasn’t a great idea.
It was the 60s and his beautiful skin color wouldn’t be the best thing, he was told.

Still, my father dreamed. And he also prayed.

Many decades later, his children came to America legally to pursue education.

Some of us stayed, some went back to our country.

I’m the last sibling living in the U.S. to become an American citizen. I’m thankful for all the blessings I’ve received here.

A little over 2,500 people from 121 countries became U.S. Citizens
Today, I remember my father, whose dreams came true thanks to God’s favor.

I remember my mother, whose humble beginnings remind me of my responsibility as a human being to help others succeed.

I remember my husband & children. I’m fully committed to them and I proved that commitment today.

I’ve always known I’m a citizen of heaven. I’ve always been free. I’m grateful for both blessings.

I’m mostly grateful that God answers prayers. My father prayed, I prayed, my friends and family prayed and here we are today.

Here I am, taking my Oath
I’m glad I can finally say, “I, too, am America.” (Langston Hughes)

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Prayer of the Heart for Difficult Requests

“As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.” Psalm 18:30 (NKJV) 

God is faithful to His Word and I am grateful. I’ve been praying for a lot of things for a long time. This year, I've seen God answer so many prayers. 
My reason for praying is not to twist God’s arm. What I really want is to give Heaven full access to my life. Praying is believing “on earth as it is in heaven.” 

God’s way is perfect. I may think that my way or my ideas are perfect but that’s not true. The only perfect way is God’s. 

I pray to know and to walk in His ways. 
The word of the Lord is proven. Isn’t it amazing to know that David knew that before the New Testament was written? We also read in Psalm 119:89 that God’s word is eternal, it is firmly fixed in heaven. 

My ancestors knew that the Word of the Lord is proven. I watched them read and rely on every word that came out of the mouth of God. I saw them live blameless lives before the Lord. I saw them finish well. I saw them leave this earth with no regrets, ready to receive their eternal reward. I also heard their prayers for me. Their prayers were that I would walk boldly in the presence of God. That I would know Him. That I would tell the world about Christ. Let it be so Lord.

I want God’s word to invade my circumstances and my very life. 
God is a shield to all who trust in Him. I don’t know about you but I need this shield. I need the protection that comes from such trust. God is a shield to all who trust in Him. I want to always trust Him. 

I don’t know where your heart is today. I do know that God’s way is perfect. I pray you find your way there. I know God’s word is proven. I pray you read it as a habit. I know God is a shield to all who trust Him. I pray you put your trust in God and leave it there. 

Don’t try to twist God’s arm with your prayer request. Pray with the knowledge that we pray to a good God. We pray from victory. We pray with confidence that God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or imagine according to the power that works in us.  

To God be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

How to read more books

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Seven

1 • We’ve been here for seven weeks. I choose to believe that the worst part of this transition is over. I had quite a breakthrough a few weeks ago. I realized I need to be fully present, fully engaged and fully hopeful. Present because there’s nothing worse than living in the past. Engaged because it’s the only way to carve space for oneself. Hopeful because the absence of hope is despair.

2 • We’ve found most of our doctors. We’ve seen everyone and we like them. I forgot that when you are in a smaller town, people know each other. Thankfully, all our doctors like and respect one another.

3 • This week was the coldest one I remember in 8 years. The lowest temp was 21 degrees. It wasn’t colder than that time we experienced single digits in North Carolina. Brrrr!

4 • I’m enjoying cooking dinner (and all the other meals). For dinner this week we had pan-seared salmon, shrimp in veggie sauce, Parmesan whole-wheat pasta, salad, and Naan bread. We had cinnamon peaches for dessert. It was good!

5 • My husband turns 40 this month. We are so eager to celebrate him.

6 • Our backyard is pretty dreamy. I keep thinking I should treat this home as a writer’s retreat. We have a pond with big goldfish (they’re really orange) in the backyard. We have tall trees and enough room for plenty of wildlife to graze. I’ve never lived inside of a Disney movie until now. I’m grateful.

7 • I continue the pursuit to get the house unpacked before the holiday. One more room to go. I can do it!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Reading 25 Books in One Year Part 2

Hello friends! Here are more books I tackled this year. Enjoy!

The Next Right Thing - I listen to Emily P. Freeman's Podcast which has the same name as this book. This book was delightful because her podcast feels too short. It was nice to listen to her ideas in depth. 

The Lifegiving Home - I also listen to Sally Clarkson's Podcast from time to time. This book was so good I didn't want it to end. I go to Sally for inspiration in homemaking. This book overwhelms you (in a very good way) with ideas on how to really have an amazing home. 

Find your Way - I heard Carly being interviewed in a Podcast (can you tell I listen to them a lot? I also host a podcast) and I wanted to hear more about what she had to say. This book is a game-changer for people who like me, have a strong sense of purpose in life. This book is a road map. It is encouraging and realistic. This book must be in everyone's reading list. I remember having a conversation with my husband about our future. He made a few suggestions and without thinking twice, I said: "I can find my own way." 

Visioneering - I'm a fan of Andy Stanley. I believe this book is for leaders who actually want to take people somewhere. This book looks at the topic of vision from many different angles. It is also very practical. After reading this book, you will be a better leader. 

Digital Minimalism - If you are not happy with how much time you spend looking at screens, this book will give you the research you need as well as the action items you need to live a better life. 

How to lead when you're not in charge - This is a question I had off and on. How do you lead when you're not in charge? This book answers this question and it helps you with your development as a leader. A lot of my friends have read this book and loved it. 

Becoming - This book is very well-written. I was sad when I finished listening to it. I really enjoyed getting to know Michelle Obama through her own words. What stayed with me was her resolve to make an impact through helping others. 

I set out to read 25 books this year. Thus far, I have read 27. I am currently reading two paperback books and I am almost finished reading the Holy Bible. 

Listen to my podcast this week to find out how you can read more in 2020. 

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