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Season 1

Life can be tough but in the midst of our circumstances, there is hope. This season I want to introduce myself to you. I want to speak about issues that are relevant to our lives. I want to give you the encouragement you need to be the best you can be. Click the following episodes for a podcast player, show notes and resources. 

Season 2
Episode 1 - Transitioning from Stay-at-home Mom to Working Mom
Episode 2 - How to balance everything
Episode 3 - How to Conquer a Busy Week
Episode 4 - Making Home Chores Easy
Episode 5 - Houston Marathon recap and lessons
Episode 6 - Always be Consistent
Episode 7 - Hacks for Massive Times of Uncertainty
Episode 8 - Ask me Anything
Episode 9 - How to fill your Hope Tank
Episode 10 - How to celebrate Lent
Episode 11 - Seven Questions to Ask the Wise
Episode 12 - How to Adapt to a New Life during COVID-19
Episode 13 - Growing up in Brasil and facing your fears with Zeke Listenbee
Episode 14 - Bible 101
Episode 15 - How to Manage a Busy Schedule
Episode 16 - Difficult Prayer Requests
Episode 17 - Morning Routine Tips
Episode 18 - Moving to a new hometown
Episode 19 - How to stop self-sabotage
Episode 20 - How to be yourself when everyone is the same
Episode 21 - How to make time to connect
Episode 22 - How to Declutter
Episode 23 - How to stay motivated to read the Bible in One Year
Episode 24 - The key to overcoming obstacles 
Episode 25 - How to navigate uncharted waters
Episode 26How to find new friends
Episode 27 - Parenting, Blemishes and all 
Episode 28 - Before and after school pictures
Episode 29 - Priorities and Standards 
Episode 30 - Ten Life Lessons

Season 1 
Episode 1 - Trailer
Episode 2 - Christmas without the crazy with Abbey Land
Episode 3 - 3 questions that help you reach your Goal
Episode 4 - BIOY + Schedule your Priorities
Episode 5 - How to read more
Episode 6 - Focused Action
Episode 7 - Surviving Christmas Craziness
Episode 8 - New year, new you
Episode 9 - Ten ideas to navigate a difficult year
Episode 10 - How to discern your priorities for the new year

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