Food and I are doing great!

Friday, September 16, 2005

I didn't lose a pound this week. I stressed about food, cooked the worse soup you'd wish to eat (no details) and today I decided to make peace with food.

I went to the store and bought wheat bagels. I told yall I was going to avoide the bakery section of the store but last night I thought, no thanks. It's crazy to withdraw completely from stuff that tastes so good.

I bought yogurt, tuna salad and I'm having the best day I've had this week. I bought italian style veggies to eat with fish, bananas to be sure I get one fruit per day and orange juice.

Food and I are doing very well, thank you! You may think I'm gonna do stuff like I did before - deprive myself til I forgot what normal food tasted like and lose 5 pounds per week. I'm gonna have fun this time. I know I need to lose weight but what's the hurry? How come I can't have fun? I gotta change my approach this time!

DIETS DO NOT WORK! DIETS DO NOT WORK! DIETS DO NOT WORK! For 10 years they haven't worked for me. Of course, I've lose weight several times and the weight came right back to my cozy stomach.

I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE. This I haven't tried yet.

Food and I are doing well! This week I walked a little over 7 miles, which is around the minimum required by experts out there. I'm not the average girl from your video, said India and I say AMEN TO THAT! I'm gonna be happy all the way down to my ideal weight. I ain't gon' be sad, that's horrible.

The joy of the Lord is my strengh. I have Him in my life and I honor Him by treating my body as a living sacrifice. Yes I need to crucify the flesh but I am not called to punish myself. That's crazy. That's my epiphany today yall.