Change of lifestyle begins TODAY!

Monday, October 31, 2005

After lots of reflection I realized I am what I eat. My 158 lbs are MY RESPONSIBILITY. No one put them in there but my current lifestyle. It sounds simple but if you haven't struggle with weight your whole life you cannot relate. Thank God my man can relate. Because we're friends and he has the keys to secret places in my heart, he can see things that regular people will never know. We decided to change our lifestyle together. I'm really happy about it because we've done it before (January 2004) and we were really successful while we did. My man is really hard on me and vice-versa. Accountability works wonders for us. We're supposed to keep a food log and stay away from the situations that makes us fail.
I have a tendency to fail when I eat all the goodies they offer me at work. There's a great trial coming my way TOMORROW. My department will have a party and the best cook ever is catering. My man told me I shouldn't eat the food, I should bring lunch like I always do. I tried to persuade him that this could be my lunch but he wasn't convinced at all. I made up my mind I'll listen to him and socialize rather than eat. I made up my mind to practice saying the magic words "no thank you." I haven't said no to food lately, which is very detrimental to me.
I also made signs and put them all over my apartment. I make myself read them every time I open the refrigerator and the other food storage I have. I placed them in strategic places as you can see. I also have on on my scale (they tend to be enemies when I'm not doing well).
With God's help our efforts will succeed. The other cool thing about it is we'll measure the weight both of us lose together. This will encourage and bond us more than last time when we measured our progress separately. Here's my log so far:

1 cup of cereal (mixture of Kashi Good friends and another store brand cereal with corn flakes, almods and granola)
1 banana
2 spoons of Flax seed
All this with ORGANIC MILK!

32 ounces of water

black tea with half a package of sweetner (the blue kind)


1 cup of wheat noodle soup

YES! We're supposed to run/walk today. It's not that cold here, upper 60s right know. Sendy is a trooper. She keeps me motivated! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I plan on having an orange for snack. You Portuguese readers, check out my childhood Lu Francesa. She reached her goal with a lot of hard work and determination. She deserves my continuous CONGRATS because she is an inspiration! My mom told me to read her blog so I can learn how to reeducate my eating habits, can you believe it? Mom is in Nutrition school. GO MOM!

To lose 6 pounds by November 19 (Cintia) ;
To walk 2.6 miles at least 3 times a week;
To record EVERYTHING we eat the first month;
A facial!!!!