Food, weight, scales are evil!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hey, hope my picture was inspirational. What I mean is to inspire me to get to working hard cause I have a long way to go. TIME is what happens between the moment you decide to go on a diet and the the moment you fit in those jeans that had been sitting in your close for months (or years). I get anxious about waiting and time. I need to be encouraged!
It's great to lose weight. It's way harder than gaining. Man I just need to be encouraged today! Weight fluctuates, scales are evil til I realize it's not the scale's fault I haven't lost weight. Scales can't do a thing but be objective and tell me the truth about myself.
I get lazy and don't want to exercise a lot of times. Just getting out there and not eating like a pig when I get back home should be SEEDS planted towards my weight loss.
It takes time. It sucks not to have a gym membership (which can be misused, case and point, how come I wasn't skinny the whole time I was in school?) but this cannot be my excuse. I didn't go to the gym religiously when I had one. This year, with a track around the lake, I need to prove to myself I can do it. Inspirational words. It sure takes more than that cause I don't feel like getting out there today. I can use work as an excuse but I hope that my workout buddy will be motivated (she usually is).
I found out the secret to lose 1 pound per day. I won't tell you what it is because I used to tell people "it is torture but I'm losing weight." I gained it all back... I don't want to torture myself anymore so it will take more time and effort to lose weight.
I have a tendency to lose weight when I'm calm, I chill and I'm not desperate. Sure I have cravings sometimes but if I set myself up for success, I do succeed.
Success starts in my mind. Whatever I sow in my mind that I will also reap. I'm sowing a tiny seed of a skinny and healthy Cintia. What about you?