Second day of change!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The walk was really nice after work because it wasn't that cold. I followed my personal guidelines for the "change of lifestyle" and wrote down everything I ate on a piece of paper :)
Today I woke up really early to pray, so I had breakfast (same as yesterday) a little before 6 a.m. I had another cup of coffee (decaff with a little less sweetness from the creamer this time) before lunch time. I HAD VEGETABLE SOUP!!!! The only negative thing is I have 8 crackers (the little ones with buttery taste). One of my great co-workers shared the soup with us, I was sooo thankful!
Tonight I have a Bible study, so I brought dinner (a cup of black eyed peas, tortillas and a little bit of pepper jack cheese to spice it up).
I'm working on a cup of black tea with a little sugar as sweetner. If I can cut back on the sugar this way, it will be great! I'm half way done with my water bottle. I'll measure how much water I can fit in it in a little bit and I'll let you all know.
It's been two days but I know that if I can cut back on the black tea and coffee, it will be an advantage. I'm happy with the exercise. I'm preparing myself to walk even when it's cold here. I can count on your prayers, right?
Oh, I meant to tell you that I usually mess up my "changed lifestyle" when I go to Bible study on Tuesday nights. It's a great Bible study! I have grown spiritually and I need to leave it at that. The ladies bring all kinds of goodies every week (cookies, cakes, etc) and I eat them every week. One week I took water and I noticed I ate less when I kept a huge bottle of water nearby. I brought the water again. I also eat less when I have dinner before I go. I want to succed 100% today, I don't want to eat anything but the Word of God! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!
Before tomorrow, I want to encourage myself in the Lord. I can do all things through Christ, so I will lose this weight and gain the fruit of self-control while I do all this. This process will reflect in other areas of my life in a great way, in Jesus' name!
I don't know how but I found a great web site for women a while ago and I've been there visiting for a few years. The name is I've been there for the quizzes but now I go back when I want to get inspiration to lose weight. Today I saw an article there about the Weight loss letter and I'm gonna try it. You can check it out here and see if it fits you.