Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What do you do when you get stuck? I set my next goal (minus 8 pounds by December 1) and I got a little scared of it. What if I can't reach it? I thought this should be like grades in school. My demeanor has been: ALWAYS shoot for an A. If I don't get the A, i'll certainly can get really close. I haven't always been an A student but when I got to college I decided to work hard and learn something. I feel that the same thing can happen to my new lifestyle.
I remember working hard for months in college. I had tests, quizzes and my final exam. The sum of all of those efforts was the grade I got. I remember every day I had to study, do homework, research papers or whatever. Sometimes the work was fun, at times it wasn't but I did it anyway. The only way to get the final grade was if I did the work and learned something from it, no one could do it for me.
With the change of lifestyle the same thing can happen. I'm gonna have my first "big test" Thanksgiving day, during my man's birthday celebration and Christmas. Will I pass it? I have been doing my homework and getting ready for it. When I get stuck (scale or mind) I have to remember that every day I get up and eat healthy and each work out really counts. Last night for example I say no to two different kinds of homemade cookies (chocolate chips to make it worse!) and homemade chocolate cake at Bible Study. Everyone ate a cookie or two (or three) and I ate ZERO cookies! I had a cup of decaff coffee. This will really count on my final grade. I am working towards it. Will I get an A? It's up to Cintia.
I've gotten As before but I did not keep my grades. This time is different. It's not about looking great on my wedding dress, it's about learning something and applying it for the rest of my life, for the sake of my health and strengh. I should not be scared of getting stuck. I should work harder. The book of James puts it better:
"Blessed are those who persevere under trial, because when they have stood the test, they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12
Galatians 6:7b says "people reap what they sow." If I sow and consistently work, I will reap the weight loss I want. Between the sowing time and harvest whole seasons change and go by. My friends, I'm just starting my process. I'm just sowing for now. I will reap the harvest I want but it takes patience, which is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Do you believe me when I say that if Jesus is the Lord of your life He is the Lord of your weight loss process as well? His principles work in that part of my life too. I believe it and I receive it!
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