Better days

Friday, January 27, 2006

I've been eating bagels for breakfast in the last 2 days with strong coffee... It has been a while every since I've had this kind of breakfast and I believe it's enough. I don't want to sabotage my weight loss process. My husband and I decided to limit our meat comsumption to once a day. When we do eat meat it's going to be chicken or fish. I believe if we keep this up we'll keep losing instead of gaining weight. My challenge has been the portions (as always) but I'm ready to go on and lose this weight for good. Another challenge for me is not to worry about getting my money's worth but enjoy being out, the restaurant's ambiance and my husband. I worry about eating everything, for some reason. When I'm at home is easier to eat less. Being
out is also a challenge on the amount of water I drink. I have the largest bottle of water in the world (not so much) on my desk. I drink 64 ounces of water on average per day. When I do that I go to the bathroom the whole time but I also snack way less and feel definately hydrated and healthy. My game plan for this weekend is to eat small portions, enjoy the experience of eating out and enjoying my husband and whoever goes out to eat with us. Even if we go to a buffet, I'll eat small portions that are healthy. I want to eat only fruits and veggis, I'm done with bread for the weekend/week. I hope everyone has a happy/healthy weekend! May God continue to bless you!