Progress report

Monday, February 20, 2006

Going from 163 to 161.5 in a week is not bad at all. I decided I wasn't going to freak out about 163. My major problem is consistence, I'm willing to deal with that. My major challenge is to get back to 152 and to be able to keep going down to the 140s and reach my goal. The weekend was a blessing. I had fun, I ate well and I lost weight. I have a challenging week ahead of me, and I know that with God's help I can succeed. Here are the numbers so far:

Jan. 1 - 161 lbs
Jan. 24 - 152
Feb. 7 - 161.5
Feb. 14 - 163
Feb. 20 - 161.5 lbs

36.6 pounds to go. I haven't given up and I won't. It's just February, about to March. I do understand it takes daily work and I can't give up that easily. For breakfast today I had coffee/milk (the Brazilian way), two slices of whole grain bread with butter and a tangerine. Another tangerine for snack. For lunch I had brown rice with turkey sausage. I'm doing well with the water so far, it's not even noon and I knocked out 32 ounces. You go girl. But make sure you keep going.