Friday, February 3, 2006

thoughts and wishes and hopes...

Before I really start losing weight, I need to know why I'm doing this. I'm married and the greatest husband in the world (my husband) loves me for who I am. We both agree we can and should lose a couple of pounds. 20 is a great number to start. If we're at home it's easier to lose than when you travel. If I have a continuous routine it's easier to do. I also know that no matter what, persistance is my best friend. I'd like to join a gym. I know it's cold outside and the only way I'll exercise is if I can get to a gym in the a.m. My greatest challenge right now is getting active. I really, really need to do that. Happy Friday everyone!!! P.S.: On a happy note, I ate a lot for breakfast but for lunch and dinner I really behaved well. We went to a buffet, and a good one, but I didn't eat like a pig. That's exciting news! For dessert I had fruit :)