Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jan. 1 - 161 lbs
Jan. 24 - 152
Feb. 7 - 161.5
Feb. 14 - 163
Feb. 20 - 161.5 lbs

Feb. 28 - 163.5

Hey! Today is Biggest Loser Club day. I got on the scale when I came in. The incredible amounts of lattes, coffe with cream, biscottis and etc didn't help me this week. I've been doing some emotional eating, so that should justify the 2- pound jump. I eat late at night, Girl Scout cookie season is here (I just finished the caramel chocolate cookies today)... I'm really mad at my scale at home but in reality I should be holding myself accountable. I hope this week will be different. I don't plan on going out. I missed out on losing 2 pounds for this week but for next week there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to accomplish this small goal. It's all up to me. The regression you see on my weight is totally my responsibility.