Back to the start

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today I got back to the same weight I had January first: 161 lbs. It took over 2 months but I finally got on the frame of mind I needed to start my weight reduction. It's been interesting to register my weight every week. I'm working on changing from the inside out. It seems like every time I start to lose weight, I'm at peace. My mind is at ease and I usually have a 'revelation' of some sort. I'm almost finished reading Battlefield of the Mind - not a diet book. It's a great book about changing from the inside out according to Biblical principles. I want to be an overcomer in all areas of my life. For too long I have been defeated by my own mouth (that's where the pounds get in). I pray that I can work every day to have more self-control and finish the weight reduction. I need to keep it as well.