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Saturday, May 27, 2006

From "Celebrity Skinny"

"Janet Jackson's recent 60 pound slim-down is due to home-delivered gourmet food - with macro-nutrients and calorie levels perfectly proportioned for her. Her training routine is taken care of by an expert fitness trainer who is with her for the 1-2 hours per day to personally motivate and guide her through each exercise.
That's her reality - and it is probably not your reality."
  • I say that's true!!! I'm glad someone out there realizes that celebrities body-image is their bread and butter. When they need to lose a significant amount of weight, all they have to do is pay someone to motivate them. My weight loss requires no personal trainer but myself. It takes more guts and self-discipline to do it on your own. I appreciate support from other but I'm not at a level where I can pay for it. Again, I appreciate celebrities for their work and contributions to the entertainment industry but I can't let that become my reality. Right now I need to take myself to a walk. Let me get out of here so I can do that. Holla!