Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Being a Brazilian woman is tough. So many expectations from the whole world! We claim (with pride) we are the best looking women in the world. Folks run to Brazil the first chance they get to get a lipo so they can look like us, you feel me?
I heard something very interesting at church last Sunday: the whole world makes women feel bad about themseves: magazines, TV shows, ads, you name it. There has to be someone who makes women feel good about themselves. Women are quicker to look their faults before they look their virtues.
With that said, let me call your attention to one of the many gorgeous Brazilian actresses: Claudia Raia. The woman looks perfect, there's no denial. She said something that I completely agree: "A gente é reflexo daquilo que vive,” meaning "We are the reflection of our lifestyle." What bothers me is when the media makes you feel bad because you're much younger than she is and you don't have her body, her career, her man, her kids, her money...
I wish people realize it's unfair and crazy to compare themselves to Claudia Raia. Her body is her money-maker, it's been this way since she started dancing at the tender age of 3 - she said that for years. Most women like me get to have a normal, fabulous childhood. We all have heard sad stories of child actors.
It's time to appreciate folk like Claudia for all her contributions to the entertainment industry and look up to other folks as role models. My role models are Christ-like. They're also ordinary folk who make mistakes and enjoy a good batch of chocolate cookies. I decided I was going to keep it real today!
Anonymous said...

Bom dia Cíntia!Bom, aqui ainda é bom propósito, onde você está morando? Você é brasileira? Desculpe-me pela de coração pelo seu carinho e força lá no meu blog.Desejo a você também um final de semana excelente e uma semana repleta de coisas boas e energia positiva...Bjo