Get inspired!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have to get inspirational on you for this post. I have sucked on my weight loss proceedures lately. I have been eating when I'm not hungry, I'm eating more than I need and I've been eating and that's all fine as long as I make up my mind that I won't focus where I am, I'll focus where I'm going (125 lbs). I don't like to be miserable, I promise I don't. I hate the ups, love the downs on the scale. I have to make up my mind that tonight, I'll eat when I'm hungry and I'll stop when I'm satisfied - not full. It's worked wonders for my father-in-law. It's funny how both him and my daddy lost a lot of weight. They inspire me. My mind is made up! I also have to wake up earlier to walk. Yep, I gotta do what it takes. I've been waking up early but if my mind is really made up I'm gonna have to wake up even earlier. Well, here I go, on the way to happiness!
Anonymous said...

Oi Amiga querida, obrigada pelo teu carinho :)

E a reeducaçao,como vai?

Beijocas e sucesso!!!