Monday, July 10, 2006

38 to go...

I decided to be 100 percent honest in this blog. I'm gonna keep my actual weight on top of the page. CONFESSION: I haven't exercised for months. My goal this week is to walk at least 7 miles which would be 3 times around my route. I need to be sure to write down everything I eat. I need to make myself do this. Try a little something different, that's my goal this week. Believe it or not I don't feel extremely horrible for the weight gain. I decided to stop feeling miserable about myself. It profits nothing and I'm not what I weigh. 163 lbs? It means I'll lose more weight :) I'll be back next week.


Anonymous said...

Oi Amiga, vim te agradecer a visita, é dizer que vc é capaz de emagrecer, nao desista de vc,ta?

Beijocas e sucesso!!!