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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I consider this day, Tuesday, a very successful day so far. Thanks to God I woke up early (around 5:30 a.m.) and I took a 1:18 min. walk. Life is beautiful. There's a heat wave in the U.S. so I was trying to be smart by walking in the cool of the day :)
Managing my weight has been a learning experience. Of all the things I am learning, organization and planning have been the most important. I learned that I have to be really specific on the times of the day I want to walk. If I just say I'm gonna walk in such and such day it usually doesn't work as well. Planning healthy meals and engaging in good eating habits takes a while to stick but it's doable. The summer is such a great season to find peaches that are actually sweet. To me the fruits (and veggies) are at their prime in the summer - they taste like they're supposed to. Once I get my walking in the a.m. my day goes so much more smoother. I don't have to think about exercise til the next day when I get ready to walk again. Life is beautiful if you learn how to deal with change. Yesterday morning I couldn't walk and I had a 2-hour appointment after work, so I walked at night. Was it my favorite time of the day to walk? Nope. Did I feel good after? Yep. I don't think I have the perfect (eating, fitness) plan. Perfect is such a serious word. I think the plan is appropriate for me. I'm enjoying just being alive and well. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not suffered. Be sure to enjoy each minute of yours. This ain't rehearsel, this is real life!