Word of the week: FAITHFULNESS

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is not a very popular word when it comes to weight loss. Faithfulness is not convenient. For example, birthdays. Why would you be faithful to an eating plan during birthday celebrations? When everyone you know has a birthday and let’s say you have 150 friends, you can spend half of your year promising to get back on your eating plan after the party. Weekends. You have worked hard all week, you owe to yourself to eat whatever you want. When every week has an end, you’ll spend 104 days of the year “rewarding” yourself.
Practicing self-control is never convenient. The good news is, YOU have control over your body, YOU tell your body what to do. It takes making adjustments, starting with the question, is this the right time to lose weight?
We’re all different individuals. God created unique human beings who have different needs and wants. The way you go about your eating plan might be different from mine but we have two constant needs: God’s love and faithfulness to the plan He’s given us. You can do it through God’s grace.