Cintia Takes Control of Her Health

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Name: Simply Cintia
Age: 27 and fabulous
Starting Weight: 182 lbs
Eliminated Weight: 161.1 lbs
Hometown: Paradise, NC
Status: Happily Married
Occupation: Christian Communication Specialist

1.) What was your big turning point that made you realize you needed to lose weight? My turning point came when I realized that none of my clothes - that were already 2 sizes larger than normal - fit me. I was also very tired after going up stairs and I didn’t feel very good about myself. I think I also did it for health reasons because my blood pressure was kind of high.
2.) What is one thing you wish you had known before going on The Weight Management Program? How many calories I was really eating when I chose fast food. I thought I was making a healthy choice by getting a chicken sandwich…
3.) If you could have done one thing differently during the program what would it be? I would have eaten more desserts. They were included in the program but I decided to go cold turkey. I also would not have been afraid of the scale like I was every week.
4.) What do you think your biggest weight-loss obstacles will be now? Fitting exercise on my daily schedule is a constant challenge. I also have to watch out for stress eating. I’m not really on my own so that helps. Having at least monthly monitoring from a health educator is very beneficial.
5.) What advice can you give other people who are hoping to lose extra pounds? It takes getting your mind changed before you see the pounds leaving your body for good. The opposite can happen but if your mind is not changed they usually creep back in. I would pray and ask God’s help before deciding how to eat and exercise. God has the perfect plan that will work for your good.
6.) What is one thing that happens behind-the-scenes that no one would know from reading your blog? I actually have a real life. Weight management doesn’t dominate my life, it’s just something I choose to write about. My blog used to be called “Cintia and Food” because it was all about my relationship with food. Now I call it “Simply Cintia” because I have found freedom in Christ to live an abundant life that is much more than counting calories and exercising. Because God has set me free from the bondage of being too weight and self-conscious, I can enjoy all areas of life. I am God conscious now.