Coffee, tea, walks

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It’s a gorgeous day on this side of the world! I plan my walks regardless of the weather but even when it rains I pray that I can walk really quickly in between showers. I’m trying to get my walks so I can continue the good habit during Thanksgiving. Last week my goal was to increase the amount of walks and thank God I was able to see a great difference from the week before. I keep telling myself that 2.5 miles per day are great if that’s all I can fit in a day.

It’s important for me to redefine the quality time I spend with friends. I’m thrilled that this week I went out to lunch with a friend and right after that we took a walk. It was a great time spent together! We ate pretty well – we enjoyed the food and it wasn’t full of stuff my body doesn’t really need – and we were able to work exercise in our meeting. I know I can’t do that every time but as I change, my priorities change.

I’m not a person absolutely loves to go out to eat. I prefer to eat at home. There’s something relaxing about cooking and eating at home. My perfect morning would look like this: I wake up and fix a bowl of oatmeal with milk, pecans, raisings, bananas, cinnamon and honey. I get that warm bowl and take it to my living room where I slowly eat it (cause it’s hot but delicious) while watching TV under soft covers. I grab a book after that, sit by the window and fall asleep for a moment. I don’t care how laid back a restaurant is, you can’t do that there.

In order to save money and add a new twist on meeting with friends, I’ve been going out for coffee and tea more than for lunch. If you’re watching what you eat, eating out can be tricky although it can be done. I feel like when you’re just having tea it’s so much easier to connect with a friend. You don’t have to worry about that wrap sauce falling on your clothes or being interrupted in an average of 3 times by the waiter.

That’s where I am now. I wonder if you have thought about ways to spice up the time you spend with friends while being conscious that you are not what you weigh.