Combating Stress Eating

Thursday, November 1, 2007

These are helpful tips I learned in a class yesterday. Let’s start with the definition of Stress: non-specific response to a perceived threat.
* Stress eating works AGAINST YOU when it comes to our health goals;
* Strategies: change patterns. I normally would overeat by having seconds and thirds. Now I’m going to measure everything and GO for a walk after my meals.
* When we stress we lose our perspective. Ask yourself: what do you really need?
* If you practice talking walks, taking deep breaths, etc when you don’t need it, you’ll be more likely to success in crunch times.
* Make food choices mindful. Set expectations for other people and for yourself AHEAD OF TIME.
* Homework: Write down some of the situations that bring about stress and write alternatives. E.g. When I’m bored I could: take a walk, write, read, visit a friend.
* While making changes, learn to tolerate mistakes.
jackiesjuicingjourney said...

Love this blog, because I realized recently I may eat even if not hungry, using food for comfort! Too much is not good.