I dare YOU!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Monday! I’m at the end of a journey started 10 weeks ago. God gave me the opportunity to be a women’s Bible study among other leadership opportunities. My last Bible study meeting was today. I enjoy teaching. Often the teacher learns way more than what they teach, I’m a witness. The teaching was on Joyce Meyer’s book The Battle Belongs to the Lord.

The battle of being healthier and living a healthy life daily belongs to the Lord. I am not going to feel guilty if I can’t burn as many calories as recommended during an extremely busy week. The seeds have been planted in my heart and I will succeed. I’m on God’s side.
Life happens. Sometimes you don’t have time to get the amount of fruits recommended daily so if the best you can do is 1 piece of fruit, be satisfied. God always gives us a way out of temptation, food included. Saturday night I felt I needed to eat because I needed nourishment to work til late. The best, quickest option was Burger King. In my opinion, their grilled chicken salad is great. I also ate fries because I don’t eat them often. I am free. I don’t and would not eat french fries daily but I know I am free to make healthy choices for my body.

Living a life of grace through Jesus Christ is much different from living under the law in which you must follow weird rules and regulations in order to lose weight. The way God is leading me is a happy, free and enjoyable way. I’ve lived in misery for too long. I’m on God’s side from now on. I don’t have an arrival date in order to weigh what I need to weigh. I’m working with small, attainable goals. Looking at the end of the road sometimes might be so overwhelming you might want to give up.

My mind can take a day at the time much better than years from now. Have you asked God what is it that you need to do daily in order to get to where you’re going? The ways of God are where wisdom dwells. Choose God’s way other than the way of the flesh. I dare YOU!