It ain´t over!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a trip! I had great flights here. I skipped some of the craziness of airports because not that many people are coming to Brasil just now for the holidays. I had two seats to myself (yes!). I already gave you my comments on airplane food, now I have decided to shoot for First class seating. It looks and I´m sure it is so much more comfortable than economy. Those seats have my name on it!

I have done some stress eating while here. I have forgiven myself. I had a day where I couldn´t keep anything in my stomach (no details needed) so I had time to make it right. Yesterday I felt much better. I took it easy. I ate mostly fruits and veggies. I watched my portions and rested a lot. I believe I´m working on having a successful trip.

I know I can´t and I shouldn´t eat everything I possibly see here just because it brings me childhood memories. There are tons of treats in the kitchen but there are tons of great choices too. The choice is mine. I can and I will make the right choices for me.

You probably remember I worked a lot on preparing for Thanksgiving and I learned a lot from that. The holiday season is not over til it´s over. Experts tells us this is the time of the year most people gain their weight. Multiply it by 10 years and ooops, there it is on my stomach! I want to be different. I do have odds (and people) against me, I do have a lot of days ahead but I also have a history of success. I have lost a lot of weight, I have grown in my knowledge of nutrition, I have been successful while traveling, I have a great base of success. I want to use this season to go higher. I feel I can better enjoy the season if I take care of myself.

I´m also getting a lot of rest. Being away from my daily routine helps me to truly relax and look inside. Life ain´t all about food. Life is more than what we eat or wear - that´s what Jesus said. What´s your life really about? What would you like to change for 08 or keep? This is a season for reflection and thankfulness, not to obsess about food. Let´s keep it real girls and guys!
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