Just a thought on Resolutions

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I never really believed in resolutions cause in 27 years I only kept one. I decided not to drink sodas in 1996 and I have kept that promise since. At first it was hard. There were parties I attended where they only served sodas. I waited until I went home to drink water, tea or juice. It was just a habit I decided to leave behind.
I’m not going to make the resolution to lose weight next year because this is already happening. What I really need is to be more intricate when setting goals. I read a great article on the Diet Blog which made me realize I needed to work on my goal of losing weight. It was a great exercise, maybe you will like it too.
Through your living and enjoying life I pray that you include God. Maybe our ‘resolution’ should be to follow Jesus closely in all you do. There are so many things Jesus taught us we could start doing (or increase our doing) in 2008.
What about being more giving year round instead of helping an orphanage only in December? What about lifting someone up when they’re down instead of rushing to the next hot item on your desk? What about doing something God wants you to do for your health? He might be calling you to quit something or start doing more of something else.
Don’t leave God out of your resolution. He will be the one helping you keep up with them in 08 anyway. Start this great partnership now. It’s going to be great in 08!