Preparing for holiday party #1

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is almost here. So is summer. From December 21 through February is summer time in Brasil. I was greeted with heat and hummidity when I came in. I´m in a very peculiar position because in America everyone is avoiding holiday weight gain - the pounds stick til spring or summer. I´m in paradise, it´s summer and the Christmas dinner table has different items (I put a few examples here). I know I should use this sunshine as a second summer if you know what I mean. It´s easier to exercise, the challenge is to still practice "premeditated will power" when it comes to planning meals. This is a wise saying of my health educator: "Remember that it is easier to make food decisions when we are a little bit removed from eating it... Reduce the number of challenging decisions you need to make by setting up supportive environments."
I still have to work on food decisions and goals for this week. The challenge I have is that I don´t make the purchasing decisions, only the eating decisions :)
Today my mom and I went on another walk. It´s bonding and exercising time we spend together. There are A LOT of people who walk daily in my neighborhood. That´s a great thing to see so I´m joining them. Oh, another JOY, I went to a buffett yesterday and made great choices. God is good, the teaching is sticking with me! Have an awesome, successful week!