Still Standing

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanksgiving Season Recap:
"Premeditated" willpower: I planned meals but not in details. Even if my husband went to the grocery store, we always had balanced meals. B+
Food Choices: I have to give myself the highest grade for this because two years ago I took whatever people gave me. This year I was in control of my choices. B
Exercise: I give myself a B+ because I really worked on getting plenty exercise most days of the week. During Thanksgiving week I gave my best and I’m proud of that.
Anti-Stress strategy: Prayer changes things. Doing what I WANT to do instead of what I need to do for a season was awesome. A-
Journaling: Journaling is becoming natural. I take my journal everywhere I go and it’s worked for me. There’s a way to be more detailed but I’m not there yet. Even if I didn’t mark my food pyramid card right there and then, I always recorded what I ate. A-

I was looking back on my blog and I saw that two years ago I joined many Americans who gained 7 pounds during the holiday season. I'm happy that this month I only gained 2.2 pounds. This story illustrates exactly the way I feel:
"I recall hearing a story about a little boy who kept standing up in church, even though his mother repeatedly told him to sit down. After a serious warning from his mother about what would happen to him if he did not sit down, he finally complied. After a few minutes of sitting in the church pew, the little boy looked at this mother and said, "I may be sitting down, but I'm standing up on the inside." - from I Dare You by Joyce Meyer
I cannot always control my circumstances but I can control the circumstance of my heart. I AM STANDING UP ON THE INSIDE!