Biggest Loser

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Biggest Loser is a fun show to watch. The number one reason I watched it this week was for pure entertainment. I love watching the trainers push the participants and seeing the weight decrease on the scale is really exciting.
Let’s focus on the word entertainment. For a person who has an eight to five and many other responsibilities it’s difficult to lose 15 pounds in one week in a healthy way. The participants have awesome trainers, doctors on site and etc, but most people need to do it the normal way. I’d love to go to a spa where I would focus on losing a lot of weight and that’s all I do while there. I told my husband maybe that would be easier but I changed my mind.
If I went to a weight loss spa to lose weight (I’d love to do that) and I came back home with my perfect weight I wonder if I would have the time to keep that lifestyle of working out all day long. I believe I’m doing the right thing for me. I believe losing weight in a wholesome way works for me.
I don’t need a TV station to affirm me because at the journey’s end the biggest loser is the one who does it for a lifetime.
I’d still watch the show if I had time. After all, those are real people.
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