Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In January my church prays and fasts for 21 days. Each person follows the fast God leads them to follow. Of course not everyone fasts food (pregnant women for example) but I'm glad I'm able to fast not only now but different times during the year. My pastor has a good definition: "Fasting is the practice of doing without something, usually food, for the purpose of positioning ourselves to better hear from God."

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know of my journey to be what God wants me to be: a better, healthier person. I have heard from God and I know what He wants me to do in order to obtain better health. I believe God created me and He has the perfect plan for my health. It's my choice to follow it. I started taking these steps last year. I didn't start anything "cold turkey" but it's been a process.
I've been wanting to start a more plant based diet. Call it vegetarian. In my case, call it lacto-vegetarian. I'm taking baby steps into it.
Day number two has been good. I tell you no lie, I was at a bonified Brazilian steak house 6 days ago. I just couldn't do it cold turkey and it's okay. My body always feels better when I do not have meat for a certain period of time, it's incredible. I'm biased to Brazilian meat, it just tastes better to me. I don't live in Brasil, so I consider that an advantage.

During the winter I like to eat warmer dishes, so as soon as I can go back to my house (we're doing some construction now...) I want to cook black beans and rice. I love lentils. I love soy protein. I also love to explore other vegetables.

I gave up drinking sodas 11 years ago. It was a new year's resolution. At first, everywhere I went there was only sodas to drink and I just didn't drink anything until I got back to the house where there was water, juice or tea. Now I'm at a point that unless it is 100% fruit (and I saw the fruit turning into juice) I don't even drink it. Drinking sodas was an acquired taste for me. It took a while but I got rid of something that I thought was not helping me at all and I stook with it.
I believe I can do the same about being a lacto-vegetarian - I love milk and milk products. Yogurt makes me happy :) If I can stick with it in the beginning I can acquire a new taste for mostly fruits, vegetables, fruits, seeds and other good stuff. Pray with me.
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