Fruits and vegetables

Monday, January 28, 2008

The first thing I learned when I started my real life weight management program was how to eat more fruits and vegetables. I learned they are necessary to make my body function well. They are delicious and I needed to have ate least 6 f&v daily. The trick to learn how to do that was to exagerate the quantity in the beginning of the program. I was challenged to eat either 7 or 9 f&v per day that first week. I love a challenge, so I went for 9. Every since I've been keeping this great habit. My personal challenge now is to learn how to make fruits and vegetables ever exciting, no cheese involved or little cheese involved.
Another thing that became a habit is to plan what I'm going to eat each week. It's really fun and it gives me a chance to set myself up for success. It also helps me to know what to buy when I go grocery shopping.
I probably already mentioned this but there's a large number of people at my church losing weight. Everyone is doing something different, though most people are on weight watchers. It's wonderful to look around and to be able to encourage people. One person was even featured in a newspaper article. Now, that's awesome! Last night I told a person who lost 30 pounds since Thanksgiving, how GREAT she looked as she always has. I am a believer of encouraging people along the way. It was hard but starting to lose weight by changing your mind was key to my journey. I couldn't keep sabotaging my efforts by saying how fat I was and how I didn't like myself. I reap what I sow and the power of life and death (failure and success) are on the tongue.
My personal challenge for the week is to burn at least 2,000 calories through walking. I believe I can do it! Have a fabulous week and eat more fruits and veggies!