Friday, January 18, 2008

The date is set. I have set a date for the completion of my weight loss. Yesterday, as my wonderful husband of 2 years and I celebrated our anniversary and looked back at 2007, we were thankful for various things, including my weight loss. We also thought about what are some goals we want to obtain in 2008. One of mine is to finish losing weight the right way. My plan has details. By setting this goal I commit to several things such as being accountable to a heath educator, exercising most days of the week and eating a healthy diet. Before this time I never really set goals for myself. I didn't know I needed goals. Being young and in high school I guess I just thought I had a whole lot of time to lose weight. My weight management sucked, that's one of the reasons why you're reading this blog :)
I heard a preacher (Creflo Dollar) last week saying that a lot of people hear the answer to their problems but they do not have a plan to implement changes and get results. I thought that was very true when it came to some areas of my life. Once I decided to get a plan to lose weight and follow it, I could look back and see if I was actually getting results. I gave myself a deadline and I want to be successful at it. I know life happens, I know there may be set backs but I want to give myself a chance to finish this "class." Have an awesome weekend!

*The complete Mayo Clinic article on setting goals is here