What does it really take to lose weight?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I love the blog “Maria’s Last Diet.” It inspires me to think, to forget about what’s happening outside and turn inside and change.
I love the post called “Weight Loss Help with What is Hard.” The author opens up with a very true statement: “Nothing worthwhile accomplishing is easy.” It wasn’t easy to go through College. It took 4 years. Getting a Master’s degree took me 3 years. Learning English took years. I’m still perfecting my pronunciation, still learning how to write better.
The author goes on to say “So why is it any different with our weight loss challenge? And why do we keep looking for the next rapid weight loss program so we can have an easy answer?” I’m not gonna write the whole article here I’ll let you check it out here.
What I do want to say is that we need to be encouraged knowing that changing the way we live our lives in order to attain a healthy weight is not easy. It takes discipline, dedication, persistence and planning. None of these are ‘fun’ words but they are necessary to finish the race which I have started.
Going to College in a foreign country took all of these four words. I remember I carefully studied my class catalog often. I knew what classes I needed to take. I showed up for class, did the extra work, worked a part-time job through it all. It was hard but at the end of 4 years I received my reward – a degree. Grad school was another challenge. I grew, thanks to God, and at the end of 3 challenging years I received more than a degree, I matured in many areas of my life.
I can’t think that my journey is to lose weight only. I am gaining more than room inside of my clothes. I am maturing, learning to depend on God and listen to Him. I’m learning to fight fair with stress – meaning, food is not involved if I can help it – I am really learning to live a wholesome life. Maria’s Last Diet, you are right. There’s no easy answer. The easiest thing to do is to gear up for a journey.