The power of confession

Friday, February 8, 2008

I want to give Glory to God for bringing me this far by faith. The Bible says that ‘faith without works is dead.’ I do not cease to tell everyone that God is the key to a successful life – weight loss included. I wanted to show you my before and recent picture again and tell you that only by God’s grace I would be standing where I am right now. Thank you Jesus!

Now that I’ve been working with a health educator for 7 months, we’re getting more into the in-depth things. I get the foods, I get the portions, I get the role of sweets, whole grains and I know what protein does to my body. We talk about deeper issues than that now so I can be successful in the long range of things. My health educator has mentioned that negative talk does not help the process and people should have a daily mantra to help the process. I was amazed she said that because I use the word “confession” instead of mantra. I shared with her what mine is. I have one posted in the left bar of this blog but I wanted to share other confessions that are powerful to me. I start by quoting 2 John 8, then I may say these:

I conquer the world and its standards because I am born of God. And this is the victory that conquers the world, my faith.

As I’m being healed, I trust God to teach me I am not what I weigh.

I love exercise because God created me for movement. I run and walk among many other things. I exercise often and I enjoy it. I run and I can do it through Christ who strengthens me.

Today I will prepare my mind for action; I will discipline myself, I will set all my hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring me. I will not be conformed to the desires that I formerly had in my ignorance.

I repay evil and sarcastic comments with a blessing so I might inherit a blessing.

For the rest of my earthly life I live by the will of God and no longer by human desires.

I cast ALL my anxiety on God for He cares for me. I resist this attack of the enemy steadfast in my faith.

Confessions help my mind and my body. It’s only through these tools that I could be successful. Numbers on a scale do only so much for me. The word of God is the only thing that bring life and encouragement to me so I need it daily.

I also learned that people are so different and they all have different approaches. I respect their approaches. I’m not saying confession is a must for everyone but boy does it work for Cintia!

Have an awesome weekend. My plans? It’s gonna be pretty busy but I am planning on taking several walks throughout the weekend as well as enjoying the time off, visiting a friend and supporting my husband.

My 6 words of the week: Sweet cookies no longer rule me
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