Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The baby shower was fun. It was a joy to help and be a part of it. A lot of yummy things and a surprise: I found out I lost my love for cookies. There were great looking chocolate chip and walnut cookies there. My husband ate most of one (he was in his office working and I was sneaking food to him) and I ate a bite of it. That cookie didn’t do anything for me. That crazy sugar rush I used to feel left me. This is coming from a woman who used to drive 10 miles looking for a cookie!
Two nights ago we had a dinner at church. Thank God they’re so considerate, a vegetarian could (and did) do very well. For dessert we were offered brownies. My husband had a piece of brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup on top of it. The vision of it didn’t bother me at all! I waited til we got home so I had some yogurt. You gotta understand this is coming from a woman who used to drive 10 miles looking for a cookie and who used to eat most of the brownies she baked. I’m different now, thank God, and that feels good. I am no longer ruled by desserts!
Going back to the baby shower, the mom-to-be had a great time. I was excited to get the food & drinks together. Most people were on the healthy side, mostly drinking water (we had tea, three kinds of coffee, hot cocoa and soft drinks too). The cheese truffles were a hit, so was everything else. I kept my plan and walked for a little over 2 hours that morning (I know, Cintia the walker is back!) and I had a small plate of fruit, a few cheese truffles and crackers. It feels good to take care of me. I made some oatmeal earlier that day. I put too much honey in it so I couldn’t eat it all… I had some crackers and coffee instead.
It seems like when you’re trying to eat fresh stuff you have to constantly go to the store. I believe that’s an awesome sign. I’m out of fruit, so I either have to grab a can (don’t think so) or I need to get fruit tomorrow.
The rice cakes with peanut butter have been really working for me. They are filling, I get the protein I haven’t really had lately and they are great to store anywhere. The Peanut butter I eat is fresh (I actually grind the peanuts in the store. That’s the best part of going to the store in my opinion – I know, going to the store is a boring task for me) and ORGANIC. I never bought the processed kind. I don’t think I’d like it and I’ve always been scared of it.
We’re getting closer and closer to enrolling in the gym, thank God. My husband and I are going together. I got a new swimming outfit (I haven’t swam in a while and I can’t wait!) while in Brasil and I’m looking forward to swimming at the end of a busy work day.
Hope you’re are enjoying your day and your life. It’s a new year. Even if you quite haven’t worked on those resolutions start today.