My updates

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It rained in the middle of my walk around the Lake. I kept going. Once I go the end I felt great about going.

I had lentils for lunch (yummy!) I seasoned them with garlic, bay leaves, oregano, red peppers and salt. I’m finding out that’s all about the seasoning. Lentils are good by itself but seasoning just transform the dish. Lentils are very satisfying. I love grains and I heard about lentils in the Bible. I never tried them until I got a place of my own in grad school. I’m really into flax too. My aunt introduced me to that and I’ve had it for a few years mainly with cereal or shakes.

I’ve been doing great with the simple choices meal plan. I noticed that I’m more relaxed when it comes to preparing meals and taking them to work. It makes things easier because the portions are so much easier to predict.

I noticed I’m eating much more fruits, grains and veggies. I haven’t had time to cook oatmeal but when I stop working so much I will cook some, sit in my window and read the paper and the newsmagazine.

Going to the gym is still going well. I didn’t lift weights for two weeks so I have to regain the same level where I was. I was actually getting bored with my routine but guess what? It’s a challenging again.
I went back to Zumba class this week. It’s just so much fun. I’m not a regular attendee because of my complex schedule so I’m using different classes and exercises so I won’t be bored with just one.

I have a full weekend ahead. I plan on following my plan and I plan on exercising this weekend as well. I pray that your life is getting simpler, therefore more manageable. I pray that you are eliminating stress. I pray this blog is helping you make positive changes. Have an awesome weekend!