Church Cookout Tips

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It’s cookout season again! The church cookout can be a happy event but it also has the possibility of damaging my healthy eating habits. I have questioned the foods offered at church cookouts before but that’s a story for my book LOL. There will be millions of calories in the form of cakes (store bought & homemade), pies, meats, casseroles, potato chips, breads, pasta, brownies and things that no one knows what it is but they eat it anyway. After all, if it’s in some part of the sanctuary is calorie free, right? I wish!
Here are some things I need to do this year based on years of experience in church eating functions. Oh, remind me to share how these events are different in Brasil. You’d be surprised with our style of eating in church.

Cintia, you need to:
1. Stop staring at the cakes please. Skip the cake baking competition and chat with a new person you really haven’t had a chance to meet. Kiss babies or something, just stay away from the dessert table!!! Why? I usually convince myself to try a little bit of the 50 different desserts before I leave. Away from the eyes, away from my mouth. LOL! Dessert is great but you don’t need to eat 50 different ones.
2. Definitely take something you can eat. Last year you took a watermelon. This year you are taking black beans. Maybe you should take white rice so people (and yourself) can eat these two together like happy Brazilians do. You need protein daily woman! Beans will save your day and give you a feeling of satisfaction. Long live all vegetarians!!!
3. Load up on salad. Okay, a cup or two will be enough. Remember that some sisters get really creative with their salads. Someone always brings a great Mediterranean salad you absolutely love. Watch that salad dressing! Oil and vinegar are your current choices.
4. Drink water. You’ll be out there for a while. Considering taking my own bottle. Dress appropriately for lots of walking around.
5. Manage to do some walking. A ‘victory lap’ or two around the church will keep you moving and you won’t be bored just sitting somewhere – that’s a just in case tip here.
6. Remember the cookout doesn’t have to be about the food. It’s really about the people. Getting to know people better should be your focus. Strengthening friendships and finding new ones is more exciting than anything else.
7. Remember: if you mess up, dust yourself off & try again! There’s mercy and forgiveness for you, even when all things don’t go as planned. That should put a smile on your happy face!