Holiday weekend

Friday, May 23, 2008

This weekend has lots of potential for success. With guests coming over there's always the question of what to do in order to stay in check with my well being. This is what I'm thinking right now:
I have a plan to exercise. I will follow that plan. Even if all I can do is to go out for a walk. I'm gonna stick with it and I'm gonna rest on my rest day. I have an eating plan. I will follow that plan. I will eat the correct amount of fruits and vegetables. I will drink plenty water and I will carry a banana around with me for a healthy, sweet snack in times of need.
I plan on cooking things I too can eat. I might not eat meat with everyone but I can benefit from sides that are comprised of vegetables and fruits.
I will not be obsessed about cleaning. If you read my peace treaty, you remember that 'I can't keep my house spotless at all times but I can create shortcuts for myself.' My house is clean but I'm determined not to obsess over too much cleanness. I have been set free to enjoy family and not to obsess over what they're gonna think if they see the dust on my ceiling fans. I'm sure that dust is not gonna be on my mind when I live my last day on earth. People are more important than obsessive cleaning.
I will be a good listener. I've know for years I need to listen more. God speaks when you listen. People sure appreciate you when you just listen. I don't have to be quick to offer the smartest comeback – I was really good at that. I can remember to be like Jesus. He truly cared. He listened. He offered love no matter what. I believe that listening means loving because love is not selfish, rude or unbecomingly. That's what I need to have in my mind.
I don't know what challenges you face as you go into your holiday weekend. The issue is greater than food intake. Your environment needs to be set up for success too. Thanks to God for allowing me to be more than conqueror in all things. Thank God for mercy and grace. Where would I be without His grace? If I fail after trying to do all these things I just mentioned, guess what? I am forgiven. I have another chance. Thank God for Jesus Christ!