Honesty is Good for the Soul

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Faking is a lot of work. It’s easier to be real but why do we cover up stuff? I’ve been thinking about this issue lately. When I was in college I used to dress up more when I was sick so no one would know how I was feeling. Now I know that’s sick but I used to pride myself in that.

I was a good faker who used to fake different things here and there, especially after I came to the American culture. My husband said that we should take who we are and our Christian environment with us to other places and people. After all, Jesus said we are salt and light.

I understand it’s not good to spill my guts to everyone everywhere. It is good to find honesty and stick with it.

Because I’m just responsible for me, there are many levels where I can be more honest:

The Food Journal. I write 98 percent of the things I eat, which means I can write 100 percent. You guessed right, I don’t write the exact amount of the extra corn break I eat sometimes. I’ll get there people!

Acquaintances. I can speak the truth in love and let people know I don’t like crafts, so they might not want me anywhere close to their scrap booking parties. I used to lie about musical likes as well. I have decided no longer to lie: I can stand bluegrass for 5 minutes only. I might change my mind later on in life but that’s who I am right now.

Friends. I can tell them I’m a vegetarian so they won’t feel bad when I eat everything but the meat they cooked for dinner. I struggle with guilt for being too demanding (because I don’t eat meat) but there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and we are to operate in love and truth.

Family. I can stand up for myself – ahead of time – and say that I have changed my lifestyle, so I won’t be eating fat back, turkey and pork during the holidays. I can also offer to bring some veggies with me when I come – even if I’m the only one who will eat it. We walk in love and we speak in love.

Myself. I can speak the word of God and encourage myself in whom God made me to be. I’m not Martha Stewart. My house might never be in the cover of House Beautiful magazine (unless I hire one of their designers). I’m not Jada Pinkett-Smith. God has a body size for me and I will get there with His help. I’m not Kimora Lee Simmons. I don’t need all kinds of fabulous material things in order to survive. I’m so incredibly loved by God and I appreciate my life. I appreciate those around me who have loved me for the good and bad. I appreciate being loved with no expectations. In an imperfect world I choose to be simply Cintia, the woman created and designed by God for His glory.
Because we're in the subject of honesty, I honestly won't have time to write anything else this week. Talk to you next week.