Looking Back

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pounds and pounds ago I can see that…
My journey has not been… Predictable. It’s ever changing. There was not a magical formula involved. I ate all kinds of good things. I went to all kinds of parties. I exercised most days.
I had seconds some times. There was room for dessert though I skipped desserts most of the time.

My journey has not been… Boring. It’s been exciting to learn new things. I have a pool of knowledge about the way my body works and what’s good for it.

My journey has not been… Lonely. Tough I’m the one who took the first step, I have found some support (not crutches) along the way. I haven’t seen a lot of cheerleaders on the side of the road. Most people have their backs turned or they are waiting for me to join them. Thus my theory on paying for support if you don’t have a lot of support around you. This was the main stretch I’ve had to go through. Learning that this journey is individual, no matter what your marital status is. 99.9 percent of the determination needs to come from the one trying to change. I learned that to depend on others is to rely on remote chances of transformation.

My journey has not been… Perfect. I’ve made tons of mistakes. I’ve learned from them. I consider myself making less mistakes now. There will be more mistakes to be made. There will be more lessons to learn.

My journey has been worth it.