Nutritionally Speaking

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer is almost here. It might as well start in the next two weeks. I had my first cookout – I’ll give you details on that later. My company is filling up with summer workers and interns. Once I see them, I know summer is here and it’s going nowhere.

I love the summer. I want this summer to be my best one yet. Last summer I was so busy I could hardly breathe. This summer I can not only breathe but I can choose what in the world I can do on my down time. Isn’t that great? We are working hard, traveling and doing more fun stuff. I’ll keep you updated.

The Cookout last Sunday was awesome. I didn’t take any pictures this time. We had plenty food. There were no meatless hamburgers or hot dogs so I moved on to the salads. We had four lines going on, so I browsed both tables and got in the lines between them. I filled up my plate with salads. I looked for salads with legumes (I needed protein!). I avoided salads full of mayo. I avoided the stuff that you eat all the time (baked beans, slaw, some potato salads, etc). I went for salads full of legumes that were not drowning in cheesy or thick sauces. I did have a croissant (haven’t had those in ages!). I did drink water. As I predicted, the dessert competition was fabulous. I kept my back to it. With God’s help I did not eat any dessert. It was hard but with God’s help I was able to do it. How? I made a decision last week I wasn’t going to eat it because nutritionally, I didn’t need it. I kept my back to the darn table with all the desserts. I talked to friends, enjoyed the fellowship and when it was time to leave, 99 percent of the desserts were gone. When I got home, I still wanted to eat something sweet, so I drank some orange juice I squeezed the day before. The sweetness of the oranges helped to quench that craving.

I am learning that stopping eating sweets is not enough when you still have cravings. I waited 1 hour and my craving did not leave. What should I have done? Ignore it? When I made the decision to be a vegetarian, I substituted meat for other sources of protein. When I made the decision to stop eating desserts, what in the world will take place of sweets?

Sister girl has some research to do. I also thought that I need to walk around with dry fruits, a piece of fruit and I need to work on making fruit based desserts (like fruit with nuts and yogurt for example) and taking them with me when I’m invited for dinners.

Yeah, it’s inconvenient. It’s annoying at times but when I made the decision to have a healthier life, I left being in the crowd and I joined the few who are looking for a healthier life because most things they eat make sense nutritionally.