Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I feel like I owe you a report from the holiday weekend. It would just be nice, wouldn’t it? I did exercise as planned. Thank God I was able to get out there, walk and reach my goal. The goal for the week is to burn 2,926.8 calories but today, with one day left to reach it, I have burned 3,074.5 calories. Zeke and I walked a lot yesterday, it was just lovely.
I followed my eating plan. It wasn’t perfect. I helped myself to extra helpings of corn bread and homemade bread. I stayed away from the cake we baked and the ice cream we had for our family. Thank God I’m not an ice cream person, which was a big help.
I was not obsessed about cleaning. After the house was clean, I used short cuts to keep it nice and clean. I also know the house will get dirty again but God is good, I’ll clean it right back!
The Bible says that we need to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. It was a stretch but thank God it was possible to do that with the help of the Holy Spirit. Again, I wasn’t perfect but it feels good to be aware of what God wants us to do.
I learned a lot about myself. I rested. I enjoyed having down time with Zeke. I enjoyed walking around the lake and reading my magazines.
My holiday wasn’t perfect but it was perfect for me. Through Christ we did all we needed to do and we enjoyed it.
“The moist cake”
I learned that if you mix the right cake mix with the right icing your cake turns really moist. That’s what we’ve been doing when we have guests over.
If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know I am avoiding eating desserts by substituting it with fruit, sugar free yogurt or something else that doesn’t have pure sugar.
Everyone really enjoyed the cake. What I did was to fix a bowl with yogurt, pecans and banana with a splash of flax seed for my dessert. Nobody else wanted it (duh!) so I had a little portion of it while everyone else had cake and ice cream. There was no guilt, no condemnation. I felt like I was able to participate with everyone. The same goes for the meat. We had turkey burgers and chicken with Zeke’s special sauce. Zeke grilled my Amy’s burger and I ate that with everyone. It was completely normal for me. It’s my lifestyle and most of the time no one questions it.
If you feel like God is leading you to make a change for your health but you are afraid of failing because no one around you is doing the same, think about me and be encouraged. You can make it because you have God’s blessing. Just because you’re not eating the same thing as someone else, it doesn’t mean you are not part of the fellowship. Seek approval and direction from God alone and everything else shall be added unto you.