Baking Weekend

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Week! My weeekend was great. I had lots of fun, yet got a lot done in preparation for this week. I went grocery shopping and believe it or not, I started on the local farmer's market. I bought black cherries and honey :) I got great deals in a discount grocery store and then I went to the regular grocery store to get the rest of my things.
Yesterday I was on the 'baking mood.' I baked biscottis, tres leches almond muffins and ginger-carrot nut bread. Only the last one turned out okay. What a waste of time! I learned my lessons though :) I got these three recepies from a magazine and I threw it away when I messed up the muffins. We did eat the bread for dinner.
I decided I was going to stick with what I know for now. Brazilian food always works for me. I'm working on vegetarian variations of my favorite dishes. I'm such a novice when it comes to baking! I try to do it on weekends when I have more time in my hands. Besides baking everything that was in front of me, I fixed dinner for last night and tonight. For the past two weeks we've been eating at home or we take our food elsewhere so we can eat before church, and it's worked wonders. We've saved money and calories because we're not eating out. I also have the knowledge of what's in the food (salt, calories, etc) which is hard to do when you go out.
I did attend Body Blasters on Friday. I tell you what, that class doesn't get any easier. I'm glad about that. I'm not dropping out, I plan on attend it for a while. This week will be busy but with God's help and a little planning I want to work out, eat what I cook and just be happy!