Combating Stress Eating 2

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stress eating is still something I have to fight against. The good thing is that I win! We are remodeling our home and there’s something stressful about remodeling. Nothing we can’t fight and win. I know I have to use exercise to my advantage. Last week I increased my physical activity by 1,159.6 calories out! That was awesome. I have been working on increasing my protein (which I did) and dairy consumption. I haven’t seen my health educator in a while but I’ll see her next week. Going back to combating stress: It’s not as simple as knowing what you’re doing (eating too much for example). Praying and finding out the source of stress is a must. I can either eliminate it or learn how to manage it. In my case, I have to learn how to manage it. I believe I took the steps I needed to take thus far: prayer and surrender to God, reading the Bible, getting real (remodeling is messy; you can’t have the result without the process!), having a servant’s heart (helping with anything I can), having a good attitude (even if I have to pray hard about it), exercising, finding contentment.

In my book, weight management is more than just “jaquei” or “I messed up” and you gain weight. What’s the reason behind all the mistakes?

Hope you enjoyed my photo update. I know there’s a stain on my shirt (LOL) just wanted to show you how that outfit looks now. God is good. I’m on my way to my goal. I’m happy about my process and my progress. With God as my source nothing shall be impossible!

Be encouraged, keep going on and remember what’s the real reason besides the mess up?